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  • Új zokniszabály 2019-ben
    2019-től változik a Nemzetközi Kerékpáros Szövetség a versenyzők ruházatára vonatkozó szabálya, mely a zokni maximális hosszát is meghatározza. A zokni szárának ideális hossza mindig vita tárgya a kerékpárosok között, a profi versenyzők között is időről-időre változik a trend, hogy éppen nagyon rövid vagy hosszabb szárú zoknikat viselnek. Az elmúlt időszakban az egyre hosszabb szárú zoknik kezdtek terjedni, melyet az UCI és a hagyományokat tisztelők nem igazán néztek jó szemmel. A hosszú szár valószínűleg nem divathullám, hanem a teljesítményfokozás egyik eszköze, a kompressziós ruházatok megjelenésével lett egyre népszerűbb a sportolók között, bár meggyőző bizonyíték nincs arra, hogy valóban javítana a kerékpárosok teljesítményét. A Nemzetközi Kerékpáros Szövetség a kerékpárok és a ruházat szinte minden paraméterét szabályozza, így a zoknikét is. Az elv az, hogy a ruházat az alapvető funkcióján felül az alakjával nem segítheti a versenyzőket, az utóbbi időben viszont egyre több olyan ruházat jelent meg, mely ezt az elvet sérti, ezért 2019-re az UCI változtatott a szabályzatán. A zoknik szára jövőre maximum a boka-térd alja távolság feléig érhet, erről még ábrát is készítettek. Arról viszont még nem rendelkeztek, hogy hogyan fogják betartatni az új szabályt és milyen büntetést kapnak azt megszegők. Idén ősszel egyébként nem ez az első a ruházatot érintő UCI szabály, ugyanis nemrég jelent meg egy az időfutam ruházattal foglalkozó, mellyel több eddig használt időfutamruha szabálytalan lesz jövőre.
  • Winter is coming! – Btwin winter cycling apparel roundup
    Although the cycling-friendly weather is still holding out this late autumn, the cold weather will be here soon. It is advisable for cyclists to prepare for the winter weather. Decathlon has a vast range of autumn and winter bike clothing, from jackets to underwear, we can buy all kinds of apparel from the French big-box sporting specialist. So let’s take a closer look at the selection of their selection where we find some interesting, specialist items as well. Btwin Visible 900 winter jacket As cold autumn and winter weather approaches, we need a jacket that will keep the cyclists warm while adequately ventilating the heat and moisture from the body and also improving our visibility. The Btwin Visible 900 winter jacket offers all this at an affordable price. Click here for the complete review of the Btwin Visible 900! Hungarian version: Btwin Roadracing 500 light jacket If you are looking for an affordable winter jacket for shorter rides (typically less than 2 hours), then Btwin Roadracing 500 should be a good choice. The fluorescent red color and reflective elements provide good visibility in the darker months, in addition the jacket is wind-resistant, and the honeycomb-like material keeps surprisingly warm on cold days. Click here for the complete review of the Btwin Roadracing 500 cycling jacket! Hungarian version: Btwin Roadracing 500 winter bib tights These bib tights must have been designed with Hungarian winter climate in mind: these tights feature a fleece material for warmth with water repellent coating to combat the wet conditions. This Btwin model has a close fit anatomical shape ideal for hard core cyclists doing their winter training rides and commutes, in addition to a comfortable pad insert for the longer rides. Yes, the Btwin Roadracing 500 winter bibs can do all this at an affordable price! Click here for the complete review of the Roadracing 500 winter trousers! Hungarian version: Btwin Roadracing 900 rain jacket This ultra-light raincoat can be stuffed into a jersey pocket, so you can take it along for every cloudy or wet ride in the autumn, winter or spring months. If you need extra protection, you can put it on in a matter of seconds, and shove it back into your pocket in case the weather turns more favorable. Unlike conventional raincoats, the Btwin Roadracing 900 does a good job at ventilating body moisture, so you will not get wet from the inside either. Click here for the complete review of the Btwin Roadracing 900 rain jacket! Hungarian version: Btwin 920 winter base layer When winter conditions turn for the worse, the freezing wind blows right through the jacket, the cyclists needs the extra protection in form of a moisture-wicking base layer. The Btwin 920 undergarment is fitted with a windproof membrane which protects the chest and the stomach area from cold air along as well as offering the normal functions of the base layer: namely drawing our sweat away from the body, keeping the skin warm and dry. Click here for the complete review of the Btwin 920 winter base layer! Hungarian version: Btwin 900 winter gloves Thanks to a wind-resistant layer and an exceptional heat-retaining capability, these outstanding winter gloves can protect the cyclists’ hands in even in the coldest weather. They’re guaranteed to keep your hands from being frozen, even when the thermometer dips into the sub-zero range. Click here for the complete review of the Btwin 900 winter gloves! Hungarian version: Btwin 900 face mask (balaclava) Does your face tend to feel cold and numb during winter rides? Some cyclists are more sensitive in this area, for them the the Btwin 900 is a practical apparel for riding in uncomfortably cold temperatures. It protects the entire face from the draught, and thanks to its wind-resistant, fleece-lined material, it prevents both face numbness and catching a cold. Click here for the complete review of the Btwin 900 face mask! Hungarian version: Btwin 500 arm and leg warmers When you are out riding on a cool morning, but the temperature rises quickly after a couple of hours, you need something that can turn your long-sleeve cycling apparel into more ideal short version. This is where arm and leg warmers come into the picture: part way into the ride you can simply take them off and stuff these small, light protective apparel into your jersey pockets, rucksack or bike bag. It’s a good idea to own a complete set of warmers to avoid taking other extra pieces of clothing for journeys in changing weather conditions. Click here for the complete review of the Btwin 500 arm and leg warmers! Hungarian version:
  • Developing the Merida One-Twenty ground up: A day the company’s R&D center
    At the Merida R&D headquarters near Stuttgart, we were given the opportunity to take a glimpse of the complete development process of the new One-Twenty, meeting its creators and discussing the ins-and-outs of bike design. I have been riding bikes since 2006, publishing in Bikemag for over 7 years, made numerous visits to trade shows and production facilities, so I thought I have seen everything. Not so. In the course of a trip to the European development center for Merida bikes in Magstad this September, I finally had the chance to conduct an unhampered conversation with the staff without any taboos. Yes, I could ask anything, and I got honest and full answers to all my questions. Are you interested? Annual product presentation events – such as the recent Merida test camp held in Ruhpolding – provide a great opportunity to get familiar with the new crop of bikes, but unfortunately there very few technical details available at the time. So the journalist can only tell readers how the bikes look and ride, but is unable to give a true insight into the details of the new developments. Of course, I try to enquire about the technical background from the company staff on site, testing their patience with my engineering-related questions. In most cases, they repeat the general information their marketing team has issued, then ending the sentence by saying: “Our engineers are among the best in the industry!” At some product presentations there is a genuine engineer on site, but most often this person has a specific task at the R&D department that is vastly different from the details I’m enquiring. So I end up getting no wiser after a lengthy dinner table conversation… It’s no secret for our readers that I had worked as a development engineer in the bicycle industry for two years. During this period there was only one occasion that I can recall when I got in touch with the media. In general, engineers rarely talk directly to journalist, or the public at large. By default, the marketing department handles this side of the business, not the ones who have all the answers!  This rater lengthy introduction tries to give an insight into why I was delighted to be given this special opportunity by BikeFun Hungary. I had the chance not only to visit the Merida’s European R&D center and learn about the development of the brand new One-Twenty, but also to have an open, unrestricted discussion about the process with the actual people, who worked on the project. Unfortunately I had an accident just before the trip, so it was quite uncertain that I could make the journey. But in the last minute the doctor deemed the wrist operation a success, so I was free to attend. I was met me at the Stuttgart Airport by Simon Oppold who heads the marketing department for the entire Merida & Centurion group. He has nearly 20 years of experience in the bicycle industry. The airport parking lot was a good representation of what this part of Germany is renowned for: for example, next to Simon’s car was a Porsche GT2 RS in a “John Player Special” design! On the way to his office Simon talked about the difficulties of finding qualified employees in this region: there is a high demand on the job market, new graduates – especially engineers and IT professionals – are immediately recruited by the large companies like Bosch, Mercedes and Porsche. The industry’s involvement entails an exceptionally high standard in education, creating a hotbed for a professional environment. This was the place where one of the world’s leading bicycle brand felt obliged to establish its European R&D center. The Merida division in Magstad has approximately 15 employees, a team is headed by Jürgen Falke, and their task is to develop the models the Taiwanese brand launches on the world market. Among the team members is a Hungarian engineer, Csaba Röszler, whose insights into the development process were documented in a previous Bikemag article. Immediately after arriving at the Merida offices, Simon took me on a tour of the R&D center. We walked through the whole building, starting on the top floor where the engineers and industrial designers work. Jürgen Falke’s office is located in the center, serving as a hallway between the engineers, designers and the marketing executives. In addition to these offices, there is a presentation hall and a boardroom on the upper level, with fully-equipped a test lab located at the end of the corridor. The latter serves for carrying out static tests of the prototype frames and random tests from production samples. The equipment in the lab is provided by the Zedler Institute, a name that serves as a reference for bicycle-specific measuring and test equipment worldwide. The frame geometry jig and a 3D printer in the lab is often used to facilitate modelling during product development. The latter is used to create smaller objects, such as dropouts and suspension linkages. The lower floor houses the rest of the marketing department, including the contact person for the World Tour Bahrain-Merida team as well as staff responsible for accounting. There are additional board rooms and smaller storage areas, and in the basement we find a fully equipped workshop with a full-time and a part-time employee assisting all matters concerning fabrication and repair. These two members of the staff are responsible for assembling the prototype bikes along with the maintenance of the fleet of bikes used for testing. From here on I was entrusted to the head engineer Roman Braig and the product manager Benjamin Diemer to provide me with the details of the new One-Twenty’s development process. In the first step of development all requirements of a future model are defined. This is a multi-element equation, where many factors play a role in the decisions, such as main application (type of riding), industrial trends, feedback from dealers and end-users and of course brand image. The key requirements for the […]
  • Btwin 900 maszk
    Télen bringázás közben fázik az arcod? A Btwin 900 maszk egy praktikus viselet, mely a teljes fejet védi a hideg menetszéltől. Szélálló, meleg anyagának köszönhetően megakadályozza, hogy a fagyos, téli időben “lefagyjon” az arcunk. Fejünk, nyakunk védelme kiemelten fontos a téli kerékpározás során, nem megfelelő védelemmel könnyű összehozni egy megfázást, de akár rosszabb esetben egy homloküreg- vagy arcüreggyulladás is megkeserítheti az életünket. Ezért mindenképpen viseljünk sálat és sapkát hideg időben vagy a kettő ötvözetét, maszkot. A maszknak megvan az az előnye, hogy nem csúszik le, mint a sál, végig az arcunkon marad és gyakorlatilag a szemünkön kívül mindent véd, ráadásul egyszerűen felvehető. A Decathlon csúcs maszkját, a Btwin 900-at is téli időjárásra tervezték, anyaga szélálló és vízlepergető, megvéd a hideg menetszéltől, míg polár belseje a hőtartásért felel. A sisak sem fogja könnyen elkoptatni ugyanis a fejvédővel érintkező része kopásálló anyagból készült. Szabása 3 dimenziós, így tökéletesen illeszkedik viselője arcára, szint észrevehetetlen a viselete. A légzés megkönnyítése érdekében lézervágott szellőzőnyílásokat találhatunk az orrnál és a szájnál. A nyakat is teljesen védi, érzékeny részünket esélye sincs érintenie a hideg menetszélnek, a nyakrész tökéletesen elfér a kabát alatt. A Btwin 900 maszkot érdemes megnézni azoknak a bringásoknak, akik sokat tekernek hideg téli körülmények között, ráadásul az ára is rendkívül kedvező. Jellemzők: -Hideg időjárásra tervezett kerékpáros maszk -Védi a teljes arcot, homlokot, nyakat -Szélálló membrán -Meleg polár anyag -Kopásálló anyag a sisak alatt -Vízlepergető -3D szabás, észrevétlenül az arca simul -A nyakrész elfér a kabátok alatt -Lézervágott rések a szájnak és az orrnak a könnyebb légzésért -Könnyen felvehető Ajánlott fogyasztói ár: 4 490 Ft További információk a Decathlon oldalán.

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